Responsibly Sauced

Crack Fox Hot Sauce is built on the simple joy of food. The philosophy of clean eating but make it fun.

We draw from age-old cooking techniques to present a flavourful, all natural hot sauce range with a bit less Byron Beige and more Byron Yay, encouraging the sharing of good grub with great people and connection back to the land. 


From chilli seed to bottle, we've worked to minimise the impact on our planet with mindful packaging and by sourcing pure, local ingredients farmed with sustainability and land regeneration in mind. We are about celebrating native ingredients, gluts and seasonality, supporting our small scale organic growers and bee keepers because this is the produce we believe in and are inspired by.


Crack Fox Hot Sauce contains real food only. Good-for-you sun ripened and hand-picked ingredients of the highest quality and nutrient value, grown right here on Byron Bay farms to drip down yer chin and make food sing. 



All natural

Sweetened by the bees, 

             not sugar from factories

We acknowledge the Bundjalung people as the original and true custodians of the land on which we operate.



Byron Bay, Australia