Take your tastebuds to citrusville riding on tangy pops of habanero gingery hum.


The O.G original Crackfox Hot Sauce. The cuisine-androgynous bright orange flavourbomb. Habaneros on a 14 day ferment blended with a selection of drip-down-yer-chin juicy citrus and punchy ginger. Sweetened with local raw macadamia honey.


Heat: 3 out of 5 - a spank my peach and call me Tracy heat.


Serve with: Pretty much everything. Eggs. Tacos. Burgers. Dumplings. Nasi Goreng. Grilled fish. Prawns. Snags. As an epic barbecue marinade. Mix with mayo or cashew cheese for a spicy tangy wow dipping sauce. Oh and it makes the best buffalo wings ever.


Seasonal availability: year round.


Ingredients: Responsibly sourced. Habaneros, mixed chillies, vinegar, mixed citrus, onion, tomatoes, filtered water, ginger, garlic, raw honey, Himalayan salt, spices.


*Please note: the sauce hue and heat level may vary slightly batch to batch. This is because each small batch we make is made with real food grown by real people. Each small batch reflects the depth of colour, and bite in the chillies our local organic farmers harvest fresh for us.


*May contain fine traces of allergens.



    We acknowledge the Bundjalung people as the original and true custodians of the land on which we operate.




    Byron Bay, Australia