Smooth, fruity, mild. Spring cumquats are the flavour queen, blended with golden habaneros fire-roasted until they bubble with smoky sweetness.


This one sings summer. Sings tacos held in hands gobbled with tilted heads as juice runs down to your elbows. Sings fresh fish whole stuffed with herbs done on the barbie for friends. Sings salad rolls, hot chips, camping. Sings prawns on a grill over a fire on the beach somewhere spesh. Cumquats were picked when juiciest right at the start of spring from the monster tree in our front yard in the Byron Bay hinterland. Sweetened with local raw macadamia honey.


Heat: 1 out of 5 - a nice ooh that tickles Graham heat.

Serve with: Pretty much everything. Eggs. Salad sangas. Hot chips. Tacos. Bacon and egg rolls. Burgers. Nasi Goreng. Chook skewers. Seafood. Snags. As an epic barbecue marinade. Mix with mayo or cashew cheese for a spicy tangy wow dipping sauce.

Seasonal availability: Summer. Until sold out. Ingredients: Responsibly sourced. Cumquats, habaneros, vinegar, mixed peppers, onion, raw honey, garlic, turmeric root, coriander, Himalayan salt.

*May contain fine traces of allergens.





Ride the aztec antioxidant super green sensation with a little hint of smoky and a little twang of lime.


Crack Fox takes the classic Mexican green hot sauce to the nek lev. Slightly milder in heat than the O.G but with a flavour-punch right on par. Jalapeños cooked over fire give a slight smoky hint to this powerfully refreshing condiment. Bunches of coriander from the farm and squeezes of fresh lime. Handfuls of the aztec superfood, inca berries add the wow factor bringing it on home with with a sweet and sour fruity kiss. 


Heat: 2 out of 5 - a satisfying instant hello yes thank you mam heat.

Serve with: Pretty much everything. Tacos. Nachos. Burritoes. Seafood. Roast veggies. Snags. Bacon and Egg rolls. Salad sangas. Toasties. Oysters. Eggs. Burgers. As an epic barbecue marinade. Mix it with mayo for an epic dipping sauce.

Seasonal availability: year round.

Ingredients: Responsibly sourced. Jalapeños, mixed peppers, vinegar, spring onion, inca berries, raw honey, coriander, garlic, lime, Himalayan salt.

*Please note: the sauce hue and heat level may vary slightly batch to batch. This is because each small batch we make is made with real food grown by real people. Each small batch reflects the depth of colour, and bite in the chillies our local organic farmers harvest fresh for us.

*May contain fine traces of allergens.



    We acknowledge the Bundjalung people as the original and true custodians of the land on which we operate.



    Byron Bay, Australia