Aussie childhood nostalgia meets ghost chilli in a bar...


Our spring hot sauce! The clothes-staining bleeding backyard delight handpicked at its juiciest from our mates' in Mullumbimby Creek, lacto fermented in a pink salt brine with India's bhut jolakia (ghost chilli), tender garlic scapes along with their blooms harvested from the garlic bulb at the height of spring. Oh and Tahitian lime - heaps of it. Tangy, tasty, berry-sweet, fresh - like a fine pinot noir on a hot day.



HEAT: medium - high | 3.5 out of 5


ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: Middle Eastern and everything else! Eggs, za'atar chook skewers, barbecues, seafood, meat, roast veg, burgers, tacos, wings.


INGREDIENTS: Responsibly sourced. Mulberries (spray free), vinegar, mixed chillies (spray free), *garlic scapes, *lime, *tomatoes, *onions, *raw honey, *coriander root, *garlic, *Himalyan salt, *spices (*certified organic)


Please note: the sauce hue and heat level may vary slightly batch to batch. This is because each small batch we make is made with real food and reflects the depth of colour and heat level of the chillies our local organic farmers harvest fresh for us. May contain very fine traces of allergens.