Ironbark-Smoked Cayenne, Thyme & Macadamia Honey


Byron-grown Cayennes smoked on native wood, with flowering thyme pickied from our mate Cam's garden in Clunes and macadamia honey from happy bees in Tyagarah. A micro batch of autumn harvest from the local region. For warming the cockles as the cool season sets in. All natural. Pure sexy. Pure flavour. 


HEAT: medium | 3 out of 5


ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: American and Australian cuisine and everything in between! Burgers, eggs, tacos, barbecued meat, roasted veg, hot chips, toasted sangas, nourishment bowls.


INGREDIENTS: Responsibly sourced. Cayenne chillies, mixed chillies, capsicum, vinegar, tomatoes, onion, filtered water, garlic, honey, Himalyan Salt, thyme, spices.


*May contain very fine traces of allergens.