Welcome to the candy shop. With chocolate reapers, young ginger and the hero Australian native Davidson Plum this sour-sweet rainforest treat sounds good enough to eat for dessert. But don't be fooled, she bites!


Our limited edition blue Crack Fox is an unadulterated celebration of summer. And our hottest sauce yet!


We didn’t feel there was any greater hero of the hot times than the subtropical plum native to our Byron Bay region that graces the rainforests and backyards around us from November through to February each year.


Blended with kapow fiery fruity fragrant notes from chocolate reapers, and Goonengerry young ginger picked at its most tender for a crisp nip of zing, this sauce takes the wholesome Davidson plum to HARLEY DAVIDSON PLUM.


HEAT: medium - high | 4 out of 5


ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: Australian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, eggs, tacos, chook skewers, snags, brisket, burgers, bahn mi, everything!


INGREDIENTS: Responsibly sourced. Davidson Plum (spray free), Mixed Chillies (spray free), Tomatoes (spray free), Vingegar, *Onion, *Raw Honey, Mixed Citrus (spray free), *Young Ginger, *Garlic, *Himalyan Salt, *Spices 

(*certified organic)