The Heart of Gold CRACK PACK comprises two delicious stops at the salivation station. Our yellow and feiry-orange hot sauces. Available for a limited time only!


Blackened Golden Habaneros and Cumquat


A little smokey, and very fruity, this one has big Carribean vibes. But far from your usual run of the mill yellow fruity number, cumquats are the flavour queen here. Used whole for a super citrus punch, given the tropical island treatment with a slow cook alongside fresh coriander stems. Pure and fresh flavours, this is a milder hot sauce perfect for when you only want a tickle.


HEAT: mild | 1 out of 5

ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: Carribean, Indian and South American cuisines! Seafood, chook skewers, roast potatoes, hot chips, salad sangas, as an epic dipping sauce mixed with mayo or cashew cheese.


The OG Fermented Habanero, Bush Citrus and Ginger


Our take on Sriacha. But with citrus sass! It's the perfect dance between bush citrus and ginger, fermented twang and local honey, making this a red hot all-rounder. Androdynous like David Bowie, you can take the OG anywhere and put it on everything. It's as good on tacos as it is on bahn mi !


HEAT: medium - high | 3 out of 5

ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Balinese, Malaysian and Mexican cuisines! Eggs, oysters, barbecues, seafood, meat, chook, roast veg, burgers, tacos, bahn mi, nasi goreng.


For full details and ingredients list see individual sauces.

*May contain very fine traces of allergens