The OG Fermented Habanero, Bush Citrus and Ginger


Our take on Sriacha. But with citrus sass! It's the perfect dance between bush citrus and ginger, fermented twang and local honey, making this a red hot all-rounder. Androdynous like David Bowie, you can take the OG anywhere and put it on everything. It's as good on tacos as it is on bahn mi !


HEAT: medium - high | 3 out of 5


ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Balinese, Malaysian and Mexican cuisines! Eggs, oysters, barbecues, seafood, meat, chook, roast veg, burgers, tacos, bahn mi, nasi goreng.


INGREDIENTS: Responsibly sourced. Habaneros, mixed chillies, vinegar, mixed citrus, onion, tomatoes, filtered water, ginger, garlic, raw honey, Himalayan salt, spices.


*Please note: the sauce hue and heat level may vary slightly batch to batch. This is because each small batch we make is made with real food and reflects the depth of colour and heat level of the chillies our local organic farmers harvest fresh for us.


*May contain very fine traces of allergens.


Ironbark-Smoked Cayenne, Thyme & Macadamia Honey


Byron-grown Cayennes smoked on native wood, with flowering thyme pickied from our mate Cam's garden in Clunes and macadamia honey from happy bees in Tyagarah. A micro batch of autumn harvest from the local region. For warming the cockles as the cool season sets in. All natural. Pure sexy. Pure flavour. 


HEAT: medium | 3 out of 5


ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: American and Australian cuisine and everything in between! Burgers, eggs, tacos, barbecued meat, roasted veg, hot chips, toasted sangas, nourishment bowls.


INGREDIENTS: Responsibly sourced. Cayenne chillies, mixed chillies, capsicum, vinegar, tomatoes, onion, filtered water, garlic, honey, Himalyan Salt, thyme, spices.


*May contain very fine traces of allergens.