Charred Jalapeno Inca Berry Hot Verde 


Our take on a classic Mexican green sauce, but with the atzec superfood Inca berries!

It's a little bit smokey, a little bit sweet and oh so refreshing. A good all-rounder with handfuls of local coriander and squeezes of Tahitian lime giving a power fresh burst to salsa with the tingle of the fire-roasted jalapenos on your tongue.


HEAT: medium | 2 out of 5


ESPECIALLY GOOD WITH: Mexican and Spanish cuisines! Eggs, oysters, barbecues, seafood, chook, roast veg, burgers.


INGREDIENTS: Responsibly sourced. Jalapeños, mixed peppers, vinegar, spring onion, inca berries, raw honey, coriander, garlic, lime, Himalayan salt.


*Please note: the sauce hue and heat level may vary slightly batch to batch. This is because each small batch we make is made with real food and reflects the depth of colour and heat-level of the chillies our local organic farmers have harvested fresh for us.


*May contain very fine traces of allergens. 

Charred Jalapeno ++ Inca Berry Hot Verde