Our Story

Crack Fox is a long story. A nickname that came, saw, conquered, and probably got taken too far.


What began as a dig at a city gal's knack for finding treasure in trash turns out when applied in the Rainbow Region was a whole other kettle of coral trout. Crack Fox in the Rainbow Region was a misunderstood scavenger no more, but a fully-fledged orange pickin, bush-lemon hoarding, mulberries-into-the-pockets stuffing warrioress! (Or so she felt.)  Crack Fox had found home.


And so, the Crack Fox Hot Sauce range is a bit of a power ballad to the Byron Bay area, a real stand on the table sing into the end of a baguette Bohemian Rhapsody break down.


The O.G recipe was 7 years in the making. Created on one woman's ravenous hunger for a simply good hot sauce free from pesticides, sugar and preservatives. 


It was no easy task. The journey required many dwellings shared with good sports to be fumigated out with habanero, homemade smoking devices and homemade fermentation devices. Many flavour combos had to be tried using roadside stall bounty, homegrown winnings and what sagged abundantly from trees on neighbouring farms in exchange for cooking these folk dinner.


Many versions were tested on friends, family and passers by until it was good, it hit the the O.G  spot. This hot sauce recipe was moulded by this region of rainbows - it's landscape, it's subtropical climate, it's people, it's rich volcanic soil.

With tasty, fun seasonal additions to join the Crack Fox O.G throughout the year, the dream has been to create a spicy preserve range that captures the freshness of real food and celebrates seasonal abundance.


Crack Fox is dedicated to bringing you not just any old hot sauce but a planet-lovin, refined sugar-free, all natural flavour-bomb tastebud-party made from damn good produce grown by local legend farmers using sustainable, land regenerative practices.


Big love, Chloe